Zero Uno Zero

We feature all things ROBOT! The home of Danny The Robot Guy who loves taking what some folks consider old junk and turning them into rocking robot sculptures. REPURPOSING IS HIS PURPOSE. We also highlight some of the greatest under-represented artists from all around the globe.
Robot Art Gallery
Fishing and Robots! See How Craig The Fisherman Robot Came To Be!
Recycling and Repurposing "Junk" Into Robot Art . . . The Why and The How!
Where Did Danny The Robot Guy Learn How To Build Robots . . . and Other Stuff?
Danny The Robot Guy - So Where Does He Come From and What Drives Him?
Robots invade BOZEMAN! Come check out the Robot Art Show and Parking Lot Party at Architect's Wife. 
Danny The Robot Guy and The Zero Uno Zero Robotics Team Change Libby History!!
Meet Some Of Zero Uno Zero Robotics' Robots
The People and Points of Interest of Libby, Montana
Danny The Robot Guy Picks Up A New Robot Friend In San Francisco!
Danny The Robot Guy Brings Life To The NAO Robot: Dance NAO ... DANCE!!
Clubbing in LA? Heck yea, ROBOT STYLE!!
Danny The Robot Guy Goes To Los Angeles!
Danny The Robot Guy's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Danny's Rube Goldberg Contraption! Go Robot Guy!